Saturday, March 29, 2008

Speech Pathologist Vist

The speech pathologist came in about 1:00 p.m. or so. She checked how well Tracy could purse her lips, smile and open her mouth. She had Tracy swallow some ice chips, water and vanilla pudding. Then while she was swallowing, Sara, the speech pathologist, would listen to her throat with a stethoscope. Then she would listen to her throat while Tracy breathed. The decision is to keep her on ice chips today and maybe even tomorrow. Sara said Tracy's tongue is working well, though it is weak. Her lips and throat are weak. So, when she swallows stuff, there is likely some trickling down her windpipe. So, solid or pureed foods or liquids other than water would be a bad thing. In spite of this, it is believed that Tracy is doing really well.

Now I'm gonna tell you that every time I have gone in to see Tracy today, she has looked better. I think the swelling is going down and she seems more alert, even though she still sleeps most of the time. That may sound kind of odd, that she seems alert while she sleeps, but it is true. I think she has a little more color to her as well.

When she got up to sit in the chair, she did it on her own; she got into the chair herself. It is expected that she would be dizzy and nauseous. Well, if she was dizzy, it was not so much that she would throw up. This is really good. Most people, apparently do throw up.

Another interesting thing for the sake of perspective; today, Saturday, is considered to be day 1 from the surgery. Monday would be day 3. That is significant, because we had asked about nutrition intake, as there has been none. Dr.'s won't really be concerned about that until day 3. In the meantime, she will suck on ice chips. If the doctors think she can handle it, they may allow her to drink clear liquids. If she is still clearing her throat after swallowing something (evidence that some is trickling down the wrong pipe, but good that she is able to clear it herself) then on Monday, she will have a barium test. Swallow some barium while x-rays are being taken so that they can see exactly what is happening.

So, don't know where we will be tomorrow. I'll let you know. Brad and Jessica Bevers brought us Asian wraps and gourmet cookies from Shlotzky's. Yummy, yummy, yummy. Great folks.


Anonymous said...

Mary Lou and Wayne Hesterly called us today for an update on Tracy. It so obvious the love this community shares for one another. What a glorious blessing, to be apart of the family of God, even more so, to be here in Chappell Hill. Hurry home, your neighbors miss you.
Jodie & Larry

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say how interesting it was watching mom's progress when I was there. It was funny because each time I went in to see mom, she was complaining more and more each time, which to me meant she was getting better and better. And the sarcastic nature of her complaining and the rolling of her eyes and sarcastic looks she was giving....that is so my mom! Anyway, dad, let mom know that we are praying for her and that she is much stronger than I could ever be. Love you dad.
p.s. Rachael wanted you to know that the breathing apparatus from your movie 'The Right Stuff' is called an Incentive Spirometer. She's a genius ;).

Anonymous said...

Praise to Our Loving Lord for Tracy and her recovery. We are keeping her and all of the family in our prayers.
Love and God Bless,
Aunt Lily May Bevers &
Larry and Nancy Custer
P.S. Tell Kenneth and Anne "Hi and God Bless" from us.

Anonymous said...

We are all so thrilled about how well Tracy is doing! Each little thing that has to be done to measure her recovery or to help it is exciting to those of us who are watching the miracle. But I also know from a patient's point of view, that sometimes Tracy is thinking "just leave me alone!" Please tell her we love her and are lifting her up!!
Thanks Jeff for your faithfulness to your bride and to those of us always watching for the latest news. We love you guys!
Tracey,Larry,Ray & Bev

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates. We feel like we are there with you and know what is going on. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, but it is soooo wonderful to know that JESUS IS RIGHT THERE WITH ALL OF YOU.
We are so pleased with the successful surgery and progress Tracy is making.
Love to all of you,
Darlene & Ty

Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for all the detail you put
into your writing. There are so many of us who
wish we could be there but can't. It is such a blessing to see your love and care for your dear wife, and to feel in some small way that we are there. Also, thank you for the tip on leaving comments--you have to click "anonymous". I tried several times, but couldn't get it to work.We are all behind you on this journeywith love and prayers .
Susan P (TL) and the girls

Anonymous said...

Tracy never has liked people "messing" with her too much! She likes her privacy and I can imagine all these people telling that little bossy teacher what to do is starting to irritate her! :) It makes me smile to think about her having all those nurses analyzed and that hospital running smoother before she leaves.

I love you all and love the story of that sweet lady walking away praying out loud, going bodly to the throne for you right then.
How precious is the family of God!

Still praying,
p.s. tell Bethany to be glad she got to miss that 6:30 am on a Saturday morning speech competition! But they all missed her!

Anonymous said...

Our prayers and thoughts are with Tracy and her family.
We hope that her strong faith will give her patience, courage and trust on her long way to full recovery.

Love from the cheering section in Taos/NM (friends of Suzanne's),
Catherine and Ed Meyer

Anonymous said...

Jeff and Tracy, I am just now getting back to a computer to catch up on the wonderful miracle we are now calling Tracy. I have spent all day with my kids and in the closeness, unity and support that I found with them today, I paused to thank God that Tracy has that same closeness, unity and support with her family (biological and church) to be by her side and be a witness to God's greatness and glory.

Matt and Pete remember you both from the Independence days and said they add their prayers along with ours. Like Christopher, Pete will be getting married this year. He made the comment that he just could not imagine getting married without his mother attending. I told him that I am convinced Tracy will be sitting front and center and smiling from ear to ear! She will be there.

My prayer for Tracy is still the same. The shed blood of Christ is our salvation and way to our heavenly Father. His shed blood led Him to take upon himself not only our sins, but our sickness, weakness, trouble, and all things satan can throw at us. His shed blood defeated satan! I continue to pray for the covering of Christ's shed blood over Tracy's mind, body and spirit. Christ has victory over satan. Christ has victory over Tracy's health issues. Through Christ, Tracy HAS VICTORY. CHRIST WILL MAKE KNOWN THE VICTORY! Praise His Holy Name and all Glory be given to Him.

Tracy, just remember.... fact, faith, feeling. The fact is Christ is victorious over this. Your faith is evident in your walk, your testimony, your spirit. Hold on girl, the feeling will come soon. The unseen goals are scary, but you have an unseen Father holding you tightly in His arms and an unseen hand guiding you and each and everyone that is involved in this journey with you. Find comfort in the unseen.

Chuck sends his thoughts and prayers. Our prayers of thanksgiving will be constant. I hold you in my heart as a dear, dear sister and friend.

Ms. Ladonna

Anonymous said...

Jeff - you are the bomb!!
Thanks for all the details - you are a good blogger - we will miss you both tomorrow at Sunday School and Church. So tell Tracy to be good and do everything she is supposed to so she can get back home.
We miss you both already- and we are still praying for all of you.
Les and Diane