Saturday, March 15, 2008

On the Downhill Side?

Well - post-op meetings went well. They sure asked a lot of questions and drew a lot of blood. One of the nurses said that now we are "on the downhill side" - I thought that was kinda funny since I haven't even had the surgery yet. Maybe she knows more than she is letting on - preparing may be the most exhausting part of all of this- wouldn't that be great?!! The director of anethesiology and his nurse were remarkably kind. He told me that brain surgery really doesn't hurt as bad as other things will and explained that since the brain isn't a part of the body that moves- it doesn't hurt as much as another part would that moves with daily activity. That's good news but... I wanted to ask him if he had ever had brain surgery. Didn't think that would be appropriate but... it is a valid question. I am going to take these guys at their word and hope and pray for the best. Of course, I am still praying for divine healing (pre-surgery would be awesome). If God chooses to heal me through surgery then I like where I will be. They are very compassionate people.

I was happy to learn that we can get internet in the hospital too so... I can keep on checking in with everyone ( when I am not sleeping!!) All the activity to prepare IS exhausting so I am looking on this as a vacation. :0) You wouldn't believe how manic you become when you know you'll be out of commission awhile - cleaning out the fridge and oven(in case someone looks in there), getting gifts and cards for upcoming birthdays etc., buying everything you can in bulk (problem is my family keeps using stuff up before surgery), and any other crazy thing you can think of. I DO need a vacation - from my craziness!!

I get to go to two wedding showers this weekend for my beautiful daughter-in-law to be, Rachael. It will be so much fun being a part of the celebration. I am thankful to God for His timing. I haven't missed anything - I get to celebrate Easter right before going into the hospital too - Now think on the significance of that will you? What glorious hope!! Man, God is GOOD!! Thanks for hanging out with me for awhile. Love you guys!!

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