Sunday, March 30, 2008

Going to a regular room

Tracy is being moved to a regular room. We are told it is #432. Haven't gone yet, so... we'll see. Also, when she sat in the chair this morning between 10 and 11 or so, she ate a whole cup of yogurt and had a large cup of what looked like weak iced tea to drink. She wasn't coughing or clearing her throat. This is a good thing. She felt a little dizzy, but my sister pointed out that the codeine could do that, also.
Gotta go.



Anonymous said...

This is awesome to hear!!! I am so proud of Tracy. God is so good. Won't be long and she will be eating chocolate! I'll bring it with me. Tell Tracy she is the best!


Shelby & Delores

Anonymous said...

Great News, thanks for keeping everyone updated. Tell Tracy that we are praying for her and will come up and see her again soon.

Brad & Jessica

Anonymous said...

Hey old man - just wanted you to know that Sunday school went really well and everyone was just blown away by the video! Literally - I was speechless - and you know that doesn't happen often. Tracy must be a really good patient - or - all that prayer is really working!!!!! - or both.
Love You Both
Diane and Les