Monday, March 31, 2008

Heeeeeerrrrreeeee's Tracy


Anonymous said...

WoW Tracy! Your breakfast looks a lot more appealing than what I had for breakfast!!!

Are you going to eat that banana? LOL
Looking great gal! Keep it up and thank God!
What about them peaches? Gonna eat them?

David Richardson

Christa said...

Tracy, Honey! You look beautiful! I was thinking the same thing about that banana--at least take one bite, 'cuz the rest of us would want it!


Anonymous said...

Tracy you look wonderful. Really EMO...whatever that means.


Anonymous said...

OH Tracy - It is so good to see you!! I'm so thankful for the tremendous progress you have made!! Can't wait to give you a hug!! Love you, Tonya

Anonymous said...

Jeff, I must comment on what a beautiful bride you have.

Tracy, You GO GIRL! You're styl'n with the best of them.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mrs. Tracy!! I'm so so so glad that you're doing good! I'm ready for you to be able to take us to Super Summer again so we can laugh at each other's jokes while everone else just looks at us weird! =]
<3 Jaymee

Sandy Bingham said...

Dear Tracy & Jeff--How amazing that one who underwent 10+ hours of brain surgery on Thursday is doing all these miraculous things by Monday--4 days later. Our God is mighty to save!

Tracy, you are a valiant warrior!


Mom and Dad said...

Baby are incredibly beautimous.....and will catch up to Kelly soon if she's not careful....what a priviledge to be standing in the middle of this miracle with you..the Light is so bright!! see you in a little & kisses, Mom and Dad

Paul Merrill said...

Tracy, bless you!!

We are praying for your recovery. May God in His mercy give you freedom from pain and a quick trip back to being able to do "normal" life again.

-Paul & Heather.

Shelly Moschak said...

Hey, girl! So happy to hear about your successes thus far! Sounds like you're truckin' right along! Praise the Lord for that!!!
Blessings and Hugs!!!
Shelly Moschak & Kathy Smith

sharon said...

Tracy - You look wonderful. I am so glad that you are doing as well as you are. Keep up the good work. God is so good! I am looking foreward to having our FTBC reunion. And with you doing so well maybe it will be sooner than we thought. You are in my prayers. Love you. Sharon Erck Clark

sharon said...

Tracy - you look wonderful. I'm so glad you are doing as well as you are. Looks like we will get to have that FTBC reunion sooner that we thought. Can't wait to see everyone. Keep getting stronger each day. God is so good. Love you
Sharon Erck Clark

Anonymous said...

hey mom,
you look great
thanks for the call this morning!
i love you so much! now get up and start your walkin down those halls!!!

Karen Hazelwood said...

Tracy, you are beautiful and so loved. God is answering our prayers for you - Daily progress. Endurance. Rest in His strength.
Hang in there, Kamprath and Bevers families. He is faithful!
Love, Karen

Tami Glasco said...

What an amazing blessing it is to follow this blog and watch a miracle unfold! You look great Tracy! Each of you remains in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful you look!! Jeff has been such a great husband to take the time to let all of us know in this blog how you have been progressing by leaps and bounds in the last few days!! What an outstanding God we have! I'm praying that you will continue to improve and be home soon! Looks like you may be dancing on your Mom's table sooner than you thought!

Love ya!!! Judy Carney

Anonymous said...

You know how the song goes..."I'm tradin' my sorrow, I'm tradin' my Pai-ain, I'm tradin' my ....(something something) for the Joy of the Lord!" We are all amazed at God's provision and protection of you, Tracy! Like your sweet momma said, it is amazing to be in the middle of this miracle with you, even at a distance! And your picture says it all--Peace to you, too, my sister. We all love you.

Susan (TL) and the girls

Joann said...

Tracy, It is such an answer to prayer to see you sitting up and eating. God is so good!!! You are an amazing woman. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Joann Porter

Anonymous said...

OK, now God is just showing off! Don't you love it when He does that! I am amazed at your progress. I'm so glad you and God are proving those Doctors wrong. I know you are still hurting and it will take some time but you are doing so much more than they thought in the beginning!! Keep your chin up, Babe and keep fighting. You'll be home in no time!
Hugs and Kisses,

Anonymous said...

Tracy you look great! What an awesome testimony to the Lord's work. We continue to pray for your healing and for ease of pain. Jeff - thank you for the blogs. God has really blessed Tracy with a wonderful husband!
Ronnie & Debbie Fathauer

Anonymous said...

Girl you make me proud to know the same God that you do.

There's not a superlative that would describe how you have inspired my whole family.

llessica said...

That's great news!
And great pictures!
I thought it was just trendy here to do the peace sign in pictures. Haha, guess not. :)
I wanted to let you know that I'm praying for you, as well as my small group here at ETBU!

Anonymous said...

In a nation torn apart by economic strife, wearied by economic woes, and in turmoil over foreign affairs, one woman stands for peace!

Just what came into my head when I saw your picture!

This is the 2nd time I tried to post this, so if you are taking this down as soon as I write it, I can keep this up all night.