Thursday, March 27, 2008

1:30 p.m. update

Debbie the nurse called and said that eveything was going ok. Tracy is doing fine. They are still drilling into the bone and encountering a lot of tumor as they drill. Apparently, drilling into the bone takes hours. Debbie sweetly reminded me that this procedure will take hours longer and asked if I had eaten lunch. So thoughtful and considerate.

Before I could finish writing in the Blog, the Harbor Lights Choir of the Salvation Army came in and sang accapella and prayed with everyone in the waiting room. It was incredible and awesome. What a prayer! There was not a dry eye in the room and we were all about to start jumping pews, if there were any. Man, so cool.


Anonymous said...

Travis called me and told me about this awesome group of Godly men that was "sent" to sing and pray.
Praise God!


Anonymous said...

Jeff, this is such an awesome thing you are doing for all of us friends...I woke up twice during the night last night and prayed for you and Tracy. I am so relieved that things are going so well - and those singers!!! WOW - God is really really good! Can't wait to see you both and give you big hugs.
We love you
Les and Diane