Saturday, March 29, 2008

funny little momma!

well as you have all heard she is doing very well!
when i went to see her today,she was pretty funny...and i think without fail she asks for chapstick everytime one of us goes in.hehehe... i told her "you are doing very well"and her response to that was "well i dont feel very well.." - sweet little momma!<3
there were other funny little things she said too but i think i will let my dad tell all of you them because he will be writting what has currently been going on ,later ,and explaing things.
I'm not sure if my dad has told you all that when my cousins and uncles went to see her,one of my cousins said that she had A-LOT of hair left and my momma said "punkrocker" hahaha shes so funny and she also said that she wants to dye her hair pink!!!!
well i think i'm going to head to bed now.
thank you all for your prayers :]


Anonymous said...

Jeff/Tracy et al.>>>

Got up a little early this Sunday morning to pray and prep for the day. Just thought I would give you this report from 'the hood' here in Chappell Hills. At the moment we are having an absolutely beautiful light and sound show and that's probably what woke me so I could share it with you 'electronically'. I am simply reporting this so you too can enjoy it vicariously through a couple of your neighbors who love and miss you. Praise to the 'executive producer' for all that He is doing in your lives and the world.

Hope to c u soon. With love, John & Vicki

PS> Literally and figuratively there is no rain coming down on your house or ours, just sunshine from above for those who are blessed to observe It.

Anonymous said...


Not 2 b a nuisance, but as long as I'm reporting from the vacinity of your home here in The Hills, u may want to know that the light and sound show has just subsided as we press towards a full day of sunshine. I can only be impressed by this show which lasted longer than any I've observed and the surrogate flashes of sunlight that He allowed during what would otherwise be a period of darkness I believe speaks to Tracy's continuing recovery in a profound way. As to a believing child, He is here for those who are awake to His presence. Hence, He is here for you guys and He just let us know this. I am simply 'forwarding' His message which He left in the vicinity of your home here in Washington County.

Nough said, gtg, J&V

Anonymous said...

Hi Bethany -
Loved hearing from you - Sounds like 'Mom' is going to keep all of you smiling - I guess Monday it is back to your routine -
Sending hugs and kisses, love and prayers -
Opa and Oma