Thursday, April 3, 2008

1st Meal at the Table

Welll..... it's me and it has taken me five minutes to find the computer keys - like my head is off center or sometgbubg - I left that word fir fun!! Notice this is my furst meal at the (Jeff is taking over now while I dictate - the power!!!) table.
I want to draw attention to my head support. They implanted notebooks in my head in case I lose any brain power. Well.... I am just kidding, but if you stare at this long enough, my head does have some unusual properties, ie. the bar. Suffice it to say it is my photographer, there is no bar there.

Thanks for the continued prayers and support. I had a much better day today and am moving around a lot more. It feels good to be home.

Jeff here. Tracy got tired out. Doesn't take much right now.

Last night when we lost power, Tracy was feeling pretty bad. She voiced that she wished she had some Sprite. Matthew had recently gotten home and made himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a glass of milk, which he had just sat in front of to eat. At his mom's mention of Sprite and my response that we didn't have any, he jumped up, leaving his dinner, and said he would get it. Tracy, of course, started saying check with this person, call that person, but Matthew said, "I got it, Mom" and was out the door. When he got up to the stores on the highway, they were closed due to the power outage and he took off to Brenham. She got her Sprite through the sweetness and love of that boy (whoops, 20 year old young man).

Later, as Bethany and I were saying goodnight, we heard guitar playing in the living room. Matthew had asked Tracy if she wanted to listen to him practice for his class. She said she would. He was quiet and gentle, playing by candlelight while she relaxed in the chair. It was a nice moment to see.

Man, we got sweet kids. Christopher called from Lubbock this a.m. just before his physics class to check on the ol' girl. Feels good to receive such love and attention from these kids.

You see I mentioned those two boys, but what about Bethany? Like she needs anything said about her sweetness. She's the angel-girl all the time.

We just got our first meal, as you saw, and I think we might need to learn to cook, because what we've been doing doesn't taste as good as what we had tonight.

I gotta get. I'm trying to get some things done before dark and it is comin' fast.

Thank you for staying in touch. Your support is strength.



Anonymous said...

Love you Tracy.


Sandy Bingham said...

Tracy, you look wonderful. How great is our God!!!


Anonymous said...

Tracy you are beautiful

Love you Jeana

Anonymous said...

Tracy, You look soooo good.I am so thankful for your progress.Each day you will get stronger.Ahhh the love of ones family.Take care and continue to rest rest rest!
Love, Karen D.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear that you had a better day Tracy. Hope that tomorrow will be even better and you will continue to improve. That was great of Matthew to go get you Sprite like that . . . I try to make him go get me things all the time and he never will. Must be the "magic of motherhood." We continue to keep you in our prayers, thanks for keeping everyone updated through the blog.

Brad & Jessica

Anonymous said...


There's my girl. I love you so much!

Susan (TL)

Anonymous said...

Tracy, it is great to hear your day has been better today. You look wonderful, can't wait to be able to give you a big hug. You are blessed with a wonderful, supportive family,
Love You,

Christa said...

Wow, Tracy! You look really good!
I knew nothing could change your prettiness!


Anonymous said...

Wow Tracy!! You look amazing!! So glad to hear you are up and around. Every day will just get better.

Annie - what a beautiful daughter and family you have. You are turly blessed. Hope you are doing good too!!

Have a very Blessed day and weekend!!

Kim J

Anonymous said...

Tracy, I read about your progress and I am in awe of how God has blessed you and is caring for you. I see what a wonder family you have and it bring tears to my eyes to see how loving your husband and your sweet children are in caring for you. It is a blessing to me. May God continue to give you a speedy recovery. With much love in Christ, Terry Compton