Saturday, April 26, 2008

End of the Road

Well... never thought I'd be a blogger but stranger things have happened (esp. in the last few months!!)I am on the mend and don't want to continue boring you with little details so this will be my last blog. I still look forward to your visits and phone calls though!!

I have been overwhelmed with the love and support we have received through this journey. I know I've said it before but THANK YOU all for all you have done. I look forward to seeing what God has in store for me next. Maybe we will write a book!!! There is so much I want to share and am still processing myself. I hope that in the next few months I can share with others just how awesome God has been - as I know you know that. I keep looking in the mirror and thinking here I am "God's modern day miracle" - When I get discouraged I just remember that "I am fearfully and wonderfully made" -the healing process is a miracle in itself. In that sense we really ALL are His miracles - He has made us so incredibly. To think I have a big ole hole in my head and my brains aren't leaking out :) Some of you may question that but it's the truth.

It's funny how the little things have come to mean so much. A quiet dinner, a ride to town, a friend's phone call, reading the Bible, journaling, visiting with family and friends - things I have taken for granted or crammed into a busy schedule. I hope and pray God will never let me forget the things I've gained from this experience. Maybe my scar will serve to remind me. (His nail scarred hands remind us of all we gained at His expense) Well, I feel like I am babbling so.... just remember how much you mean to me. We have copied the whole blog and I've saved every card and email and will enjoy going back through them all. Thanks again, precious ones. I love you. I'll be seeing you around. Love, Tracy Ann ;>)

I'm sure Jeff will have a farewell blog too so hang tight


Anonymous said...

Hey girl what will I do not reading about your progress daily...don't stop. We have not seen each other in like 15 years plus but I feel like it was yesterday. You have such a amazing smile that has never changed. Tracy my prayers will always be with you. You are one strong lady. If you stop the blogs please e-mail often...I look each day for a new blog and got really worried this week when nothing come through.You are one amazing woman stay strong and can't wait until to Fannin Terrace reunion.

With all my love,

Jeana Hart Smith

Anonymous said...

Tracy and Jeff,

Like Jeana, I've looked forward to hearing and seeing each day God's provision and love for you through His body, and knowing that for all of us, those same resources are there even though they may take a different shape. Thank you for sharing so honestly and admirably what you've been through. What a privilege to call you my sister and brother in Christ.

Psalm 56:13
"For you have delivered me from death and my feet from stumbling, that I may walk before God in the light of life."

With all my love and continued prayers,
Susan (TL)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us have the privilege of praying with you through this! We're so glad you are on the mend, and look forward to a face-to-face visit with you and Jeff again someday! We'll just assume that no news is good news!

Mark & Cindy McBrayer
Lubbock, TX

Anonymous said...


I will dearly miss reading the blog to see how you are progessing, but how sweet it is that you are progressing so well. I am so happy for you and your family!! I will keep praying for your continued speedy recovery. Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey.


Sandy Bingham said...

Dear Tracey & Jeff,
I have mixed feelings about your blog coming to an end. Selfishly, I want to keep hearing about God's daily miracles in you life. But the fact that you both are able to resume a more normal routine is such a blessing for you both, as well as for us. It's truly the continued answer to our prayers for healing and restoration.

Just wanted to share another entry from my devotional book "Streams in the Desert" that brought you to mind this morning:
+ + + + + + + + + + +
Shining is always costly. Light comes only at the cost of that which produces it. An unlit candle does no shining. Burning must come before shining. We cannot be of great use to others without cost to ourselves. Burning suggests suffering. We shrink from pain.

We are apt to feel that we are doing the greatest good in the world when we are stong, and able for active duty, and when the heart and hands are full of kindly service.

When we are called aside and can only suffer; when we are sick; when we are consumed with pain; when all our activities have been dropped, we feel that we are no longer of use, that we are not doing anything.

But, if we are patient and submissive, it is almost certain that we are a greater blessing to the world in our time of suffering and pain than we were in the days when we thought we were doing the most of our work. We are burning now, and shining because we are burning.
+ + + + + + + + + + +

You have burned and shone so brightly . Thank you for sharing your intimate experience with God with all of us. It's been a great encouragement to me.

Your sister in Christ--S

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy and Jeff. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. We are so glad to have shared your blog and your miracle. We will always remember how good God is. Keep up the good recovery and we love you all. Helen and Bob Wolf

Anonymous said...

Tracy and Jeff,
I feel sorta the way you do when you've read a spellbinding novel,grown close to the characters...then finish it...and find yourself missing them. However, this will be a "good miss" knowing you are making such a remarkable recovery and returning to your normal lives. Your testimony will live on in the hearts of all of us who were privileged to read this incredible journal. Thank you both. My prayers will continue. Love, Priscilla

Jana said...

Peggy and Jeff,

I have no idea how I'll be starting off my day at work now. I'll probably revert back to a riviting game of spider. I've really been blessed bening able to walk this journy with you as a Jesus sibling.
There's nothing more exciting than witnessing a miracle. I've been able to share the story with friends at work and been pointed to scriptures that have been relevent in my own situations... talk about growing up together.
I've been so blessed reading of the church body in action. They sure do know how to set the bar way up there. I still have you in prayer as you finish up and get your winkin' eye back to a normal day's work.
Miss you and love you,

Anonymous said...

I love you!! :) love, Jaclyn

Anonymous said...

Tracy - I am thrilled with what God has done in your life! It's been amazing to see the miracle He has, and still is, performing with you! Thanks for sharing this journey with all of us. We will continue to lift you up in our prayers! Praising Him! Wayne, Tonya and Jaymee