Monday, April 7, 2008

Visitors Welcome!

Of course, you don't all have to be doctors. Tracy has enjoyed several visitors over the weekend and is looking forward to seeing you. Just give us a call to make sure we are ready and plan on a fairly short, quiet visit. Sometimes Tracy will perk up when you come and other times she is just tired, but she is always the lady. Don't worry, she will let you know how she really feels.

Please pray for Tracy's eye. Her right eye is probably the thing that bothers her the most right now. I'm sure I've said it to many times, but that eye doesn't produce tears. It doesn't really close all the way. At night, we still put some Lacrilube in it and tape it shut. She puts artificial tears in it all day long to keep it moistened. But it is still aggravating. She once said it was like having your eyeball scratched. (I've done that and it is constantly irritating.) She is also pretty sensitive to the light. So, the flashing images on TV, the strain of reading and the intensity of light outside are hard on her. Unfortunately, that leaves her sitting in the living room not doing anything. She will do a little of each, but not for too long.

We walked around outside today twice. Each time we walked around the house and down the driveway a little ways. The second time, we got her sun glasses out of the car and hopefully that helped a little. As soon as we got inside, we put drops in her eye. In the evening, I drove her to her mom and dad's house, just for a get out of the house trip and it was nice. Ann got to nurture her baby a bit and Ken was blessed to see Tracy out and about. It was good, but the rocky, dirt road was bothersome and, of course, that eye needed attention.

She slept in the bed last night. She got up several times and didn't sleep well, but she did go back to bed after breakfast this morning and probably slept for 3 or so hours. I may have said that we think sinus has been some of the pressure in her head when she lays flat.

She is kind of sore all over, you know like when you have been sick in bed for several days and your body just aches from that bed or chair or whatever even though you're getting better from whatever illness put you there in the first place. Problem is, Tracy can't really do a whole lot of movin' around to get that soreness out. She is working on it, though. A little movin' around for us is a lot for Tracy for now. I know it's frustrating for her. Today, she sat on different chairs and in different positions to try and counteract some of this soreness.

Hey! By the way, she has been off the codeine for today and yesterday. She is taking regular Tylenol to keep the pain and discomfort at bay. It certainly is not as strong, but she doesn't have that "codeine" feeling.

We are on the upside of this tumor resection, but please continue to pray for us to maintain our faith and appreciation of God's perfect will. Oftentimes the more traumatic and dramatic events are easier to handle than the many little pains necessary to accomplish an ultimate goal.

This experience has been challenging and tiring, but it has also reaped some rewards that are not worth trading out. Bless the Lord for He is good!



Anonymous said...

OK, so you DID put the therapy DR on the web! What, you expected me to show up in jeans and a
t-shirt????? Laughter sometimes is the best medicine.

While our God is the most awesome.... Tracy, you, too, are so awesome in giving your heart, body and soul so totally over to God's control.

We love you.

Ms. Ladonna

Anonymous said...

Dear Jeff and Tracy

Not knowing how far you are from a hospital this may be a ridiculous remark, but maybe TAK would benefit from some type of rehab there, like whirlpools, massage, very light weights etc. Have they offered you any of these options? You are right, after all the drama, it's the long haul that is often the most difficult. We are continuing to pray, and thank you for letting us know how to specifically pray.

love you,
Susan (TL)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy and Jeff,
God is indeed amazing. I've continued to keep up with you and your amazing journey through the blogs and e-mails from Tracie. God has done a mighty work in your lives. I continue to pray for a full and speedy recovery for you, Tracy! Jeff, although I don't know you, you are definitely a man of God's own choosing. You have done a wonderful job of supporting Tracy throughout all this journey. I told my sister, Dana, that I wasn't sure I would have your attitude about all of this if faced with the same thing. Your life is a testimony to God and His unending love and mercy for each one of us. Love and blessings to you,
Suzanne (Holley) Dyer

Anonymous said...

Good morning sunshine! Hang in there. I know that with every passing day - you WILL feel better. It just takes time I am sure. We will keep praying for you and that your eye will be better real soon. Have very Blessed day!!

Kim J

Sandy Bingham said...

A personal visit from Patch Adams! Amazing. Did the good doc make any balloon animals for you?

I'm praying that you two will nestle in deep under the wings of our Refuge and Strength.

" . . .in You my soul takes refuge. I will take refuge in the shadow of Your wings until the disaster has passed." Ps. 57:1


Christa said...

Wish I could get that eye to close for you, Tracy. We'll keep praying for you. We'll pray for your tears to return. That almost could be turned into something philosophical, Jeff.

Love you all.


Anonymous said...

I know it's a long haul, but it is so encouraging to hear of the progress you are making every day! Still praying for your complete recovery, and your daily baby steps! Rest, rest, rest your body and rest in the Lord!
Love ya,
Cindy McBrayer, Lubbock