Saturday, April 5, 2008

April 5th end of the day

Today was a good day. Tracy spent all of the day taking only Tylenol and stayed off the codeine. We had a fair amount of visitors today and by the end of the day she was pretty tired. She took the pain medicine for the evening. She will sleep in the chair for a while. Someone mentioned that maybe the change in barometric pressure from the cold front blowing in might have added to her headaches. I'll bet that was true. However, we have to remember that there is a fairly large void in her head from where the tumor was and until her brain expands to fill that space again (or whatever fills that space) she will have some issues. This is one of the things we will talk to the doctor about on Thursday when we go to get the stitches out. Hopefully, we will have written down all our questions and get some better information.

Visitors today allowed me to do a little yard and house maintenance work. Thank you, thank you. It was good to get outside. It was beautiful today. I had a little time to exercise this morning as well - needed that, too.

Tracy is moving around really well. Not so many episodes where she feels a little dizzy while standing or walking. Still, she needs to rest and nap. What looks like a little effort for her is actually quite strenuous. Not the kind of strenuous where she is sweating and out of breath, but just out of energy. The visitors today were great for her. Short and sweet seems to be what she handles best.

She actually thought about going to church, but the positive stimulation today revealed to her that she needs to wait a little longer. We watched a movie last night, but it is not as enjoyable for her, because all those images flashing on the screen are hard on her eye and it takes a lot of energy to process it all. May sound a little extreme to talk about the energy required to do a passive activity, but it is real.

Great meal tonight, and the provider was so kind and sweet. I don't know how to communicate that sentiment without it reading or sounding like a dutiful acknowledgment, but I mean what I say in the sincerest terms. Sure, I'll say the thanks necessary, but we are seeing the best you guys are. I don't think anyone ministering to us is having to work real hard at being beautiful, because it is what they all ready are. I've known this about this fellowship in my heart. I really never expected to have to know it in my experience, but here it is and it is the family of God as He means for it to be. Way cool!



Anonymous said...

Hey guys
Dr. Chris just wanted to put in his input:
Dear Mom,
I think you should maybe try walking around the yard during the evenings when the sun isnt so intense. Some fresh air WILL do you good and same goes for the exercise! I'll set up an appointment to see you in a week. Until then, you take GOOD care of yourself.

ps love ya ;)

Anonymous said...

Sun. April 6

Missed ya'll very much in church today. But many of us lifting prayers of thanksgiving and praise on your behalf.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic news, gets better and better every day! That prayer train surely works wonders and you are right up there at the top in ours. Much love from the Beevers

Christa said...

Hi Tracy,
Sounds like you are doing so very well. I think you are right to leave off the codeine now. I think you'll find yourself to be less dizzy when you're up and feeling stronger. Claire never did very well with codeine: she couldn't take the dizziness and woozy feeling it caused. Chloe felt the world was never quite right in line and felt weak when she took it. For myself, once I got past the surgical pain, I felt that the stronger pain medicines hindered my progress by making me feel feeble and unsure of myself as I moved around.

Oh, my! I'm one of those people that just has to put two cents in! I do know that my experience isn't your experience. I know you'll find what works for you.

Love you.


Anonymous said...

Today at Sangre de Cristo Lutheran Church in Taos, NM, the Scripture reader added Psalm 116 to the lessons for the day and dedicated it to
Tracy with murmurs of approval from the congregation (well, they're not Baptists). That Psalm is most appropriate under the circumstances.
Sounds like you're doing all the right things to get yourself back in shape. You'll probably have to go back to work a lot sooner than you thought. Love, Su

Anonymous said...

Tracy and Jeff,
So thankful things are going "well". I know all the problems are bothersome, but it really sounds like you are headed down the right road right now, Tracy. This kind of injury to the brain takes a while to correct itself. But, how thankful we can be that God has created us so beautifully and wonderfully, that these kinds of things really do mend themselves, to a certain extent. I know your frustration, your exhaustion, and your dependence on others for so much. My prayers are with you, girlfriend!! May the Lord continue to heal, comfort, strengthen, and restore you, Tracy.

I love you!

Karen Faulkner