Friday, April 4, 2008

Took a Little Trip

Today has been a pretty active day for the little lady. We only got up once last night, but we are sleeping in the living room. Tracy is in the chair. Reclining instead of laying prone seems to be better right now. I am on the couch (never fear, the relationship is ok).

Tracy made her own breakfast this morning and then took a nap. I left to run errands while she slept and she did well for that time. I think she even got up while I was gone. She is up and walking, but a little activity wears her out a lot.

After another little nap, a little lunch and a bath, she rode into town with me to pick up Bethany. We knew it would be hard, but she wanted to try. Just as we were about to leave, it started to rain again and pretty hard. But we got a big umbrella and continued on our way. She did well, but was ready to rest when we got home. At the school, a whole bunch of kids whom she had taught years before came running to the car to say hi. It was sweet.

The dinner brought to us tonight was wonderful. Some magnificent flavor, mmmhhmmm. I think if I ever played and won the lottery, I would hire a chef.
A couple of people I have seen have asked about providing a meal. That is so thoughtful and I am finding the value in it. Please call Judy Jackson, 836-4149.

I may be able to get back to work Monday. We are trying things out these next couple of days. Tracy is doing really well. she tires easily and has spells where she feels kind of faint. She is trying to move around, but it is an effort and about all she can do is walk around the house. We have teased about getting on the Gazelle (exercise machine). There are little nuances that need to be payed attention to; she can't bend down, medicine at certain times, eye drops, being careful walking around, etc. We will see.

I want to clarify something about Tracy's facial paralysis. I said the Drs. were not concerned about it right now and that more than likely, it will come back on its own in time. However, I should add that the Drs. also said that if it didn't, they would be able to do some surgery to facilitate that motor control. So, we don't want that to happen, but the future is yet to be.

We saw the sign at S&S realty that said, "Welcome home Tracy. God is Good." Yes He is. I saw Bobby and Rita Meaux at the store this afternoon and they were both so sweet. She said that Bobby told her that this experience of Tracy's is "in your face" God's doin'. I think so, too.

Thank you for your comments, encouragement, advice, humor and love.



Anonymous said...

I'm available all day Monday if you go back to work and Tracy would like a warm body around. Just let me know.


Anonymous said...

Hey Uncle Jeff and Aunt Tracy I'm glad that you guys are recovering well. Thanks for remembering my birthday so close to your surgery.
Charles Parker

Anonymous said...

I am a friend of swep and georgia armour, going thur my own trials and transition in this life and wondering about God's direction. I feel grateful he is in my life and know he is yours. your an inspiration to me and I hope things continue to go well for you...Elaine

Earlene said...

Interesting to know.