Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ophthalomogy Report

Dr. Horton saw Tracy today and she was so very kind and sweet. She knew immediately what to do for Tracy. I was not there (I am a little frustrated by that - bad decision making on my part), but Tracy and her Mom did fine without me, of course. First, Dr. Horton said use only eye drops that are preservative free. Secondly, any eye drop that has Benzalkonium chloride is a no-no. Don't use it. Actually, that is what was causing Tracy's blurred vision. Get this. The vision was blurred because of the chemical irritation of those drops and from exposure.

So, Dr. Horton has Tracy putting a lot more of the Lacrilube in at night and during the day if she needs it. That can't be overdone. Also, she wants a much tighter and bigger patch at night. She also said she had no concerns for Tracy to get a lazy eye and not to worry about it.
If these procedures don't work well enough, some more extreme measures can be taken. They might include a contact that would hold the moisture in once the eye drops were put in the eye; suturing the corner of the bottom eyelid to the top eyelid, which would help it close; and a water chamber, which is some kind of instrument that would actually keep the eye hydrated.

Tracy says her eye all ready feels one hundred percent better.

So, Tracy had a big day today. She'll be pretty tired tonight. Her mom took wonderful care of her while they were out and about today. She had to be out a lot and it was comforting to know her mom was there.

Kinda short today, but got to get to bed to get up early for work. However, I am coming back home early tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

Tracy, it was so good to see you today. The blog is great at keeping us all updated but does not begin to describe how GREAT you look and sound. Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow!
Love ya,
Tracey H.

Sandy Bingham said...

Tracy--So grateful for the relief you've been able to receive for your eye through your visit with Dr. Horton.

Steve keeps having allergy "big mac attacks" these days, so I can only imagine how tricky it is for you to be out and about--bombarded by all that is blowing around.

I'll keep praying for your continued healing and strength.

God Himself will provide--SandyB

Anonymous said...


For years it grew
and grew and she
never knew how she
was being changed.

Moving through the
ordinariness of life,
daughter, student, wife,
friend, mother, teacher

Ordering her world
in control of what was
seen, but preyed on
by what was not.

No longer hearing and
searching for answers
the hidden now exposed
with fright and horrer

God's promise,"fearfully
and wonderfully made,"
In spite of?
Because of. Acceptance

Prayer beginning, spreading
persistent continuous
half hoping believing
suspecting a purpose

Interminable waiting
a stream of supporters
pray-ers emboldened
updates small comfort.

Suddenly it's over
results are astouning
good news abounds
with few bumps in the road

In the concealment
of matter God's
power displayed and
His glory is shown

The marks of this battle
remain on her face
A testimony to others
of His marvelous grace.