Friday, February 1, 2008

Here's a Hug

I want to say thanks to all the incredible people who are ministering to us at this time(in prayer,words of encouragement, offers of help etc.)- my heart overflows with gratitude. As I think about how my body will have to "learn" to function for the parts that won't work so well after surgery I have realized that it is a neat illustration for the way the body of Christ works. You guys are showing me how the body of believers were meant to function - thanks for giving me a living example of Christ here on earth. My "cup overflows" - I love you - consider yourselves hugged. :)

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carol ryan said...

Hi Tracy,
I believe we knew each other as young children, living in Mission, TX. My aunt Tobi called to tell me about your surgery and to ask that I put you on the prayer chain at our church in California. She gave your mom my email address and I was able to access your blog and hear a bit of your story. Your faith has blessed my heart, and I rejoice that your strength and comfort is in Him. Aren't we blessed to be His daughters and to know that He is with us down every path He takes us on? I know this is not a path we would choose, but I praise Him for being in the very breath that we breathe. I want you to know that my family and I are praying for you and asking the Lord (Who does exceedingly above and beyond anything we can even imagine) to take this cup and just pour His amazing miracles all over it. We are praying that His name is exalted as He works on your behalf to bring you through your surgery and to a healing that is complete and beyond what any doctor could claim as his own work. Tracy, we're rooting for you, and praying continually that you see Him working, encouraging, and supplying every need throughout every day. You are a blessing and a treasure, and I'm hugging you close in my heart.

Carol Bailey Ryan

P.S. A man in our church has cancer and I shared your "thoughts from God" with him. He thanks you and wants you to know he's praying for you, too.